Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hey Saskatoon, you should cum see us rub our pussies all over this white dudebro fest! 

Also, this'll be your last opportunity to be graced by our presence, cuzzzzzz we've recently relocated to Montreal and won't be back for a long time. xox

man h8 4ever,

Saturday, 16 June 2012 The CFCR stage at The Fez on Broadway

1:00 - The Dudes
12:00 - Ketamines
11:00 - Aunty Panty
10:00 - Auld Beak
9:00 - Before & Apace

Admission with Priority Pass (available through
or $10 at the door

The Dudes

Since 1996, Calgary’s The Dudes have been melting faces with their no-holds-barred approach to ham-fisted drum fills and max-volume guitar riffs. Known for a wild live show – wherein it’s hard to distinguish if the audience or the band is having more fun – The Dudes offer up refreshingly hilarious lyrics to compliment their rock wattage.


With their debut LP Spaced Out lauded by Pitchfork as “energetic and manic” and “fueled by a sugar high” The Ketamines are at the forefront of the new underground scene that is storming clubs and basement shows across Canada. Combining reckless punk attitude with pounding fun hooks, the band’s energetic live show lurches and oozes with perfect pop sensibilities. Backed by front man Paul Lawton’s Mammoth Cave records label, The Ketamines have since been picked up by premiere garage rock labels in the U.S. such as Hozac and Southpaw.

Aunty Panty

Having relocated to Montreal from Saskatoon, minimalist weirdo-thrash duo Aunty Panty play jarring punk rock with a live set that typical devolves into screamy harshness, clangy guitars and the occasional onstage steamed wiener.

Auld Beak

Having released a four-song EP on Calgary’s Bart Records, Saskatoon’s Auld Beak have since left behind their hardcore roots for a more pop-based destination without shedding their trademark grit and muck.

Before & Apace

Saskatoon’s Before & Apace play complex and visceral guitar rock that defies conventional songwriting. The four-piece are in the midst of recording their debut full-length album.

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