Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Saturday begins our ceremonious two week birthday binge. Help ease us into our 30z by sharing sloppy makeouts, stiff drinks, and questionable decisions with us. we're also going into a deep hibernation after this show so like cum get us while we're still young and eager.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

TV Dinner #43: It’s Funny How Empty I Feel (by MJ Regalado)

Disturbed- I Don’t Believe

Elli et Jacno- Les Sept Iles

Glorious Strangers- Move It Time

Peggy Luxbeurk- Univers

Art Object- Confused

Terapi- Maraudeur

Zona- Citron

Rakketax- Van Agt

The Cyclones- You’re So Cool

Model Citizens- You Are What You Wear
we're playing our very first show at squalor this saturday alongside vancouver's screaming queens no less!